Artcollecting for fun, a hobby, business, or school projects, can be fun. There are all types of art. Painting with water colors, oil paints, sketching in pencil or chalk, ceramics, crafts, are just a few examples of art.

Art is found in Music and Dance, movies, sports, and the talent of comedy. Art is all around you. the sunset sky with its beautiful colors, the blue sky with its billowy clouds. The seas of Jade and blue. Tattoos are art of design and detail. Tribal art, Graffiti art, the art of cooking even.

For the sake of collecting art lets stick to basics such as photographs and paintings. Art museums display exhibits of fine artists and their work. Sometimes an estate auction will bring some valuable finds. Artcollecting is not to be put away in a box for safe keeping but displayed lovingly in areas for others to enjoy and view as well.