Have You Ever Saved Someones Signature? Autographcollecting is one of the fastest growing hobbies in America. Philography, known as autograph collecting began in the 18oo’s. German children made collections of family members signatures, which allowed for historical purposes and collecting autographs started from there becoming a hobby. Collecting for fun and investment.

Autographcollecting is fun, but do not expect your autograph collection to grow quickly, it takes years. Acquiring autographs from celebrities, athletes, Senators, congress, artists, and writers by way of posters, books, baseballs, basketballs, footballs, autograph books, etc. Wether you are a movie buff, a sports fan, a music lover, or a historian, autograh collecting is something almost everyone has done at some time or another.

A good place to start receiving autographs would be to show up at celebrity public appearances. Concerts, and book stores where writers are scheduled to appear for signings of a new title. Other places are known for selling authentic autographs. The difference in Autograph dealers and collectors are that the dealers deal with authenticity, and the collectors are curators of history.

Magazines and books provide useful information and advice on autograh collecting, as well as the terminology and common sense are vital for the hobbyist in order to make informed purchase decisions.

Just for fun…..Trivia games for autograph collecting are available as well.