American Eaglegold bullion coin

The back of the American Eaglegold bullion coin shows two eagles , one in a nest , the other flying down to meet it. The larger, flying eagle’s wings fold towards the center , a unique grouping. The American eagle itself is truly an American iconic.

The sublime artistry of the American Eagle goldbullion coin results in many taking supreme pleasure in appreciating the obvious pains the artist took in creating the detail American Eagle coins possess. The fiery torch, olive branch, flowing gown and especially the facial expression on Lady Liberty are beautifully rendered. The two eagles, each distinct from the other, are replete with exquisite feather detail. These striking features show the technical expertise required in the making of this coin.

The American Eagle coin is rich in multi-faceted historic dimensions. The American Eagle, while created as a US Mint coin in 1985, has aspects modeled after many significant periods of sculpture and bas relief. The female figure and olive branch are influenced by the classical and neo-classical periods. Lady Liberty includes elements typical of 17th century Baroque, shown in the dramatic tapestry folds and hair she possesses. Her contrapposto stance reflects Baroque influence as well. Classical, neo-classic and Baroque period art is just a beginning of this very interesting coin.