American Eagle Goldbullioncoin Information and Facts

The American Eagle gold bullion coin is a fascinating coin. Collectors, both novice and expert alike, are drawn to this particular coin again and again. Created as a US Mint coin in 1985, the “eagle coin” is a sought after addition to collections the world over and has firmly established itself as a prominent coin of interest. To understand why this particular coin is so revered, one must dig deeper into the nuances of the coin itself.

The American Eagle goldbullioncoin is simply a beautiful coin. The American Eagle produces a surprisingly emotionally impact on the viewer. In fact the sentimental tone American Eagle fans often use in describing their favorite coin can be a little disconcerting. This is a well-loved coin.

The face of the coin features a statuesque, strong, woman, Lady Liberty, raising her torch in her right hand and the olive branch of peace in her left hand. As this iconic “LadyLibery” raises her lit torch she seems to silently cry out for freedom and justice for every American. This version of Lady Liberty sets itself apart in its beautifully-styled rendering; truly an classic figure.