Insect Collecting

Entomology is the study of insects. Universities have sites on campuses housing insects for entomology. Case studies of the habits of insects in mating rituals and reproduction may not be very interesting as sometimes the mating ritual could take hours, but what we have gained as knowledge through the study of insects is very interesting.

The insect population is higher than any other living thing on earth. Insects play an important role in the breakdown of plant and animal matter, and are a food source for many other animals. It is estimated that there are 40 million living and habitating insects in an area of a football field.

Insects are also known as anthropods, and are cold blooded. All insects have 3 body parts(head, thorax, abdomen), insects have 6 jointed legs, 2 antenna’s, and an exoskeleton (outside skeleton or outer shell).

Cultural Entomology is insects playing a major role in our lives, such as music, movies, quotes, etc. Busy as a Bee, Work like an ant are quotes symbolizing the studios and industrious workers. Songs from childhood memories like The Itsy Bitsy Spider. Movies staring insects as Jiminy Cricket from Pinnochio, The Fly, and Men in Black, are science-fiction about mutation of insects. The animated movie called Ants was a learning film and taught that team work, hard work, and family were important. Let’s not forget the Butterfly. The caterpillar metamorphases into a beautiful butterfly or moth and symbolizes freedom and growth.