Rock Collecting

Rock collecting is a hobby for those with strong arms and backs. The different varieties of rocks tell a lot of past history in the area you choose to hound. Sometimes you will have to climb mountains, or repel down into a valley or gorge. Old river beds even, to do your rock collecting. The prettiest rocks I have ever come across were those from the state of Arizona. Every state in the continental United States has something to offer.

For some people rockcollecting is a hobby only. Some rock collecting is for investments. Decorating your yard or drive way by collecting rocks adds a nice finish to your property. Smaller decorative rocks are washed and polished and used as display ideas in potted plants and aquariums too. Some rocks are even used to make jewelry.

When rock collecting you must always dress appropriately, wear good boots for leverage, and carry the correct and appropriate tools. Tools you will need are: Rock Picks(different sizes), Pry Bars, Crack Hammers, Safety glasses/goggles, magnifying glass w/triple lens, and an accurate Sight Head Binoculars.