The Best StampCollecting Adventure Begins With A Single Postage Stamp

Stampcollecting has been a hobby for many years. Stamp collecting known as "PHILATELY" defined as enhancing the general knowledge of the stamp collector. Stampcollecting makes for a great and relaxing hobby, and will make a great family Heirloom as well.

“What a wonderful idea to pass down to your grandchildren, and the following generations too.”

For a beginner of stampcollecting it can be fun and easy as well as a learning experience too. Collecting stamps opens a door to learning about information surrounding the stamp itself.

You may want to start out with a single postage stamp on hand, or one purchased from your local postal service. Do research on the stamp. Find out where it is manufactured, the date it was printed, the colors of ink used, any means of history and facts. Make it simple enough that you will enjoy your stamp collecting. Once you start to accumulate stamps you will find more pleasure in your collection and enjoy the information more.

Ways to start collecting stamps are as easy as pie. Maybe you have a neighbor, friend, or family member that has a loved one stationed in another country with the military forces that could access that countries postage stamps or maybe a family member attending school in another country would write a letter to you and send stamps from that country.

TIP: Estate sales and auctions sometimes have old love letters
from overseas soldiers, Pen Pals from other countries,
and even flea markets and swap meets, or a yard sale
will find treasures of stamps for your collecting.

Things to do with your stamp collection make it more interesting! When separating and organizing the stamps by country, do research on each stamp and learn about the currency, architecture, science, politics, history, arts, customs, and rituals of the different peoples and countries from around the world. What a wonderful and fun way to encourage a young person, or any person to read and do research heightening their level of sense and learning!