Button Button Who’s Got The Button? There are all kinds of buttons in the world. For the sake of confusion I’m not talking about the kind of buttons you sew on a shirt or a pair of pants.

The type of buttons I am talking about are those cute novelty buttons, or Slogan buttons, (originating from Campaigns) that sometimes have interesting remarks, or cute saying’s like “Kiss Me I’m Irish”, or “It’s My Birthday”. Those types of buttons for buttoncollecting, are a lot of fun.

You find them everywhere you go in stores, tourist area shops, Theme parks, car races, and vacation spots, etc. Sometimes Kiosk’s in the mall will have collections of them or make them as souvineers for you.

Button collecting is one of those crazy zanny things you do for fun. Collecting and trading them with friends and family members is a real treat. Those buttons are cute as an attachment to a gift wrapped box, as well as a T-shirt or blouse. Some folks even hang them in their cars on the sun visors or a bulletin board in their work station on the job.

Button making kits are available and can be purchased at hobby stores, and arts and crafts stores. They come complete with full instructions, materials needed and a small stamping type of machine to make your own creations.

These slogan/novelty buttons are a great buttoncollecting idea. They are not expensive at all, and make button collecting fun.